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Air hockey tables

  • Air Hockey Table
  • Air Hockey Table
  • Air Hockey Table
Air Hockey TableAir Hockey TableAir Hockey Table

Air Hockey Table

  • Product description: Air Hockey Table, table

Table dimensions:213.36x121.92x81.28cm/84"x48"x32"/7'x4'x2.7'
Playfield dimensions:193.04x101.6cm/76"x40"/6.3'x3.3'
Play surface:3mm MDF
Side rail: 19.7x10cm semicircle plasticity wooden tube
Rail corner: ABS
Leg: 15mmMDF, 15x6cm
Leg panel: 9mm MDF
Leg levelers: Ф13cm, chrome plated
Scorers: Electronic scorer
Pucks: 2pcs,Ф6.3cm
strikers: 2pcs,Ф9.5cm
Airflow system: UL, TUV/GS recognized high output electric motor
Power: Can be supplied with 110V and 240V motor

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