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About Us

Weifan Sports Goods Company Limited (WEFOR 威凡)is a design, production, sales and service in one of the enterprises. We focus on sports tables and other sporting goods more than 10 years, and have rich production experiences and industry experiences.

Adhering to the "hands grasp, both hands should be hard" approach, we determined to focus on customers’ satisfaction, for the quality of products and services with strict requirements。

WEFOR products sold more than 20 provinces and cities nationwide, the number of countries exported to Europe and theUnited Stateseach year increased year by year. We are eager to get to know more customers friends, work together, so that tomorrow is more brilliant.

Long-term supply: billiards tables, soccer tables, air tables, multi-purpose tables, tennis tables and other sporting goods products. All products of raw materials used high-quality environmentally friendly wood, after a special treatment to ensure that the product's long-term stability and durability.

Warmly welcome new and old customers contact us for product inquiry!  Phone: 0086-13641555003


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Email: sales@weforsports.com

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